Friday, 27 June 2014

My Positive Social Interaction Award

My Reflection 
I feel cool that I got this award I loved getting this I like this award because it means that I can tell my Mum that I got an award.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Finding Fractions of a Shape

I was learning to understand the parts of a fraction.  I thought it was easy because I could see what the fraction would be.  I knew that the bottom number was 2 because 2 pieces would make a whole.  It was easy even when the top number wasn't 2.

Natural Disaster Brainstorm

My Popplet Reflection
I have been learning to summarise and record in my own words.
I found summarising the information into my own easy because I am researching about tsunamis.
I found this interesting because I haven't done this before.
My next step is to get it done faster.

My Dream House Art

 My Refletoin
We went to te tuhi and we did some art.  We made a dream house and as you can see I have made it out of triangels and squares I tinnk it is easy.