Thursday, 25 June 2015

Term 2 Week 10

On Tuesday the digkids we went to room 20 and we did Arasma and I did my Arasma about the fire escape plan and it was so fun I did something so good and that was awesome.

The thing I will tell what Arasma is. Arasma is a app that is very smart and that I like and it is so cool and you should use it in your class it can put your face on the wall,put anthing you want on things that don't  move. the thing I liked about Arasma is that I got to do my face on the fire plan

you should try this at your school and it will make math come to life.I reconed this app and it is a good app to if you do not get this app on your laptop you have a bad destion.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Hauora activity

My Reflection
I think I did well on doing this active because  I am mori and I can under stand what it means. I think this active was easy becuase it was about heth and it was in mori. This active was so fun and I thnik that I could work on staying on tacst.

Term 2 Week 9

On Tuesday the digkids went to ddigkids and at digkids we did something about martariki and Mrs Melevle chose four people to go of and do the tasct.

Me and my friends were doing Kahoot and it was fun I did my Kahoot we did math for my one.Allan did kahoot and that was so fun. It was camrons tren and I am in the lead by 1000 this is so cool. I am doing a person wheel and this my bingo challenge and it is so fun and it is up to me and ty. and I win. I was the last person on the wheel.

I am going to do my tagul I am doing this tagul about digkids and I and up to my last word I have done alot of words. I am doing very well on this challenge this is so fun fun and I can't what to do this next activety.

this is the best digkids ever and I can't what to do this quick game.

My Speech

Why dogs are a perfect pet

Why dogs are a perfect pet do you know that dogs are better than cats because dogs are a man's best friend. Dogs are active and cats are not really active and because they are bored but dogs are never bored.


Did you  know that cats only stand up to get food and dogs get up to run around. Did you know that baby’s like dogs and dogs like baby’s but humans stop baby’s from have fun with the dog. I think that percents are over proyecto f and that dogs and baby’s can get along. I think that dogs only attack people because their owner trained them to. Dogs are lovely and people don’t like dog’s and I think 
that they should change their mind. The best breed of dogs is a greyhound because Greyhounds are a member of the Sighthound  family. Other dog breeds belonging to this group include their larger cousins, the Borzoi, Afghan hound, Irish Wolfhound and Deerhound, and smaller relations, the Saluki and Whippet. A greyhound cross is known as a Lurcher.

In conclusion I would like you to lesino to this dogs and that dog’s only attack people when they are trained to and their is something I would like you to think about do you like dog’s ?.


My Reflection
I am learning to do an speech that will covine the reader an that they will liest to what I am saying. I found this work easy because I used the enternet and sherch it up.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Term 2 Week 7

On Monday last week we started our weekly tast and those tast we get to chose what we get to do. The funest part was that when we chose what to do I chose to do Mathletics. Me and Aaron surpizzeingly chose the agsact same things to do and thlis thing weve started to do is so cool. The thing I really liked about this was that we got to chose the activetse becuase we are the only class to do this. We do this becuase then the teacher does not want us to sit on the mat and thisen to what we need to do.

The cool thing about doing this is that we get to do what ever we want to do on the list. I like this challange were doing becuase it is so fun if you were here rigth know you would like this. We get to do Mathletics,SSR,reading flutly,repeted addtion and our blog recont and if you do not know what a blog recont is I will tell you what it is, a recont is a thing you wrigth about that as all ready happend. The reisn we are doing this is becuse then the teacher does not what to sit and tallk about things we all ready know.

the thing I found hard is finshing the actives in time the easy thing about this was doing the brain exsursizie I like the doing the blog recont.