Monday, 30 November 2015

Narrative Jeff And The Bean Stalk

My reflection
 I was learning to make a narrative that  will make everyone what to read it I think I did we at doing that  with this narrative I was feeling like I was hooked into the story.  My next step is to get the narrative done and make it interesting.

Youthtown sports

My Reflection
I was learning to play a game of capture the flag and the main thing is to get the flag and put it back in your side will the other team try's to get you and put you in jail. My next step is to play the game and not get tagged.  I felt that we should do this again some time.

Fact Finding in Non-Fiction Texts

My Reflection
I was learning to find and summarize about what happens around the world.  I think that I did well at getting the fact about he text because I read lost of article's and watch the news. My next step is to get around the world more fin out more of what I don't know.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Sharks Swimming

My Reflection
I am learning to do do freestyle and make it be really easy to breath. We also got taught to stretch so you can glide throw the water and also breathing so just your mouth is out and that will help you be a better swimmer while swimming at the same time. My next step is to do breast stroke. 

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Term 4 Week 5

Last Saturday I went to softball and we are going to do our warm ups with the Marlins that's the name of our team. I am the caption and I am going throw the warm up's and we are doing side to side luggers and we are warm. Now we are going to throw the ball now and it is the only thing that we can do till my Dad ask us to do next. We are in the dug out and we are listing to our bating line up and I am after  Jayden Witile and we are really good.

I am going to go and do the coin flick up and they are bating first we are fielding and I am going to go to short stop and the rest of my team will be out in there position the first bater is up and we are ready for them and we are going try catch it. so he hits the ball and it come to me and I pick up the ball and throw the ball to first and that was an out. Then we got a another and a another. Now it is
our turn to go and bat and we bat right throw our oder. At the end of the we have won and it was a very good win because we wasted them.

At the end of the we had fun and that's what it is all about. We are going home and we will get in our car and go back home and that well be cool because my Dad will not stop talking about our game.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Monday, 2 November 2015

Term 4 Week 4

last  Sunday I could not wait to watch the all blacks it is the final and there is a really good. there is some thing going on at ASB show grounds it is big boys toys and it is going to be so fun. We are going to there but any way back to the all blacks I can't watch the game because it is a close game and if we lose I would lock myself in my room for the rest of the day and I don't want to stay in there all day.

The All Blacks are wining 21 17 Dan Carter has the ball and he went for the drop goal and he is 49 miters away for the post and he said go go in to the post and then.... it fly's throw the post and now if they get a try it will be a tie. After that it is there ball and we are get the ball back it falls out of the ruck and our player gets the ball he kicks it kicks it again and then it is a try we win the world cup back to back and we are the best team in the world. After the game we went to the BIG BOYS TOYS and when we walk in we see Harley Davidson, Nisan GTR Lambo.

Big Boys Toys was awesome and I got a lambo Aventordor and it is awesome and then we are heading back to the car and I can't wait to open it.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Term 4 Week 2

In the weekend I got up in the morning and watch TV but today my family are going to whangaparua and we are going to have some much fun and can,t wait to go because I really like the place we are going to. So I woke up in the morning and went to get some breakfast. And I' am going with my granie to the city because she take's us on a granie date so she's coming t pick me up.

I am in the city with my granie and I am having so much fun and I can't wait to go to mini golf and bowling. But first we need some food after that we are on our way to whangaparua and I fall asleep and I can't see what's harping but luckley I wake up in time to see the house. It is amazing and as I walk in and I can see circle stairs and more stairs and it is a big house they have lost of land that they are selling and I found three
snowboards and I tolled my brother and we garbed the water and wet the grass hill and I slid down the huge hill and it was awesome. We went in side and played with the games and I can't wait to go to the baseball game and that will be cool.

Then we went to bed and waited for tomorrow. The next day I went to the couch and drifted to sleep. the next day I woke up and went the TV everyone was awake except my sister and we were watching the all blacks and we won so that was awesome. Then it was time to go and we packed up and then we said good by and then left.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Probability With Yahtzee

My Reflection
I was learning about probability.  We had to play the game Yahtzee and talk about which combinations were most likely and least likely. I think this was easy because I have got experiancewith yahtzee. My next step is to try probability in different situations.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Explanation Writing Brainstorm

My Reflection
I think I did well at get brainstorm finished because it is a topic I like. I felt that this work was easy because it is a topic I know well.

Explanation Writing

My Reflection
I think did well at writing this because I enjoy writing . I felt this work was easy because I like this topic.

Multiplication Strategies

My Reflection
I think I did well at this strategies because I am good at my maths. I felt that this work was easy because I love maths and I stayed on task.

3D Shapes

My Reflection
I think I could do better at getting the work finish my work. I felt this work was hard because Im not a 3D shape person.

Extending Vocabulary

My Reflection
I think I did well at connecting with this activity. I felt this work was hard because Im not good at spelling. My next sept to get the spelling correct.

Lets Flag It

My Reflection 
I think I did well at conecting with this projet becuase I know my countreys and and recaniseing the flags.  I found this work pretty awsome becuase I could do it with my friends.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

My Pepha

My Reflection
I think I did well atconnecting with  art becuase it is in my culture and I am pretty good at art to.
I found this wotk easy becuase I can think more about Mori culture.

Friday, 7 August 2015

Term 3 Week 3

Today is Friday, the last day of the school week. We did jump jam In the shade area and it was awesome and I can't what till next jump jam. Me and my friends had some much fun I mean we did the YMCA and that was cool and we did some change to this song. Like we did ice-cream instead of young man.

Me and my friends did a cool song I forgot and it was cool and that the best part of jump jam. Me and my friends had alot of fun and after that we sung the duck song.

then we got back to class and we did some things at class and I finished my maths and that was hard  I think I could have done better than what I did before.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Term 3 Week 2

On Thursday I played rugby for school and we vs mission highs and we won because we had better players then them. First we got 61 points and they got 19 points they had some fast players but we had better tacklers then them.

next I think we could have done better but we just got tired. I got to be kicker and I got to be kicker then I got all the kicks except 1.

I was halfback and I think that I could have done better than the other games I have played. After that Mission highs got a nock on and it was our scrum. Finally Thomas got the ball out of the scrum and Thomas passed the ball to Hemi then he passed it to Braden and Braden dived and scored the trie. That was my favourite thing in the game.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Tree Planting

two mintiues ago our class went behind the feild and there was a laddie and her name was anna and she help us plant the tree's lost of peapole help like Paul and  we planted Toitoi,Flax and a Cabge Tree.

We found in the ground clay and rocks we put fertiliser pelet and we had to dig a hole in a sqaure and we need to make the hole big so that the plant does not die. We pat dwon around the plant

My Reflection
I think I did well atdiging becuase I like going outside and geting dirtty and have so much fun so thats way I was good at diging and I allso like building.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Term 2 Week 10

On Tuesday the digkids we went to room 20 and we did Arasma and I did my Arasma about the fire escape plan and it was so fun I did something so good and that was awesome.

The thing I will tell what Arasma is. Arasma is a app that is very smart and that I like and it is so cool and you should use it in your class it can put your face on the wall,put anthing you want on things that don't  move. the thing I liked about Arasma is that I got to do my face on the fire plan

you should try this at your school and it will make math come to life.I reconed this app and it is a good app to if you do not get this app on your laptop you have a bad destion.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Hauora activity

My Reflection
I think I did well on doing this active because  I am mori and I can under stand what it means. I think this active was easy becuase it was about heth and it was in mori. This active was so fun and I thnik that I could work on staying on tacst.

Term 2 Week 9

On Tuesday the digkids went to ddigkids and at digkids we did something about martariki and Mrs Melevle chose four people to go of and do the tasct.

Me and my friends were doing Kahoot and it was fun I did my Kahoot we did math for my one.Allan did kahoot and that was so fun. It was camrons tren and I am in the lead by 1000 this is so cool. I am doing a person wheel and this my bingo challenge and it is so fun and it is up to me and ty. and I win. I was the last person on the wheel.

I am going to do my tagul I am doing this tagul about digkids and I and up to my last word I have done alot of words. I am doing very well on this challenge this is so fun fun and I can't what to do this next activety.

this is the best digkids ever and I can't what to do this quick game.

My Speech

Why dogs are a perfect pet

Why dogs are a perfect pet do you know that dogs are better than cats because dogs are a man's best friend. Dogs are active and cats are not really active and because they are bored but dogs are never bored.


Did you  know that cats only stand up to get food and dogs get up to run around. Did you know that baby’s like dogs and dogs like baby’s but humans stop baby’s from have fun with the dog. I think that percents are over proyecto f and that dogs and baby’s can get along. I think that dogs only attack people because their owner trained them to. Dogs are lovely and people don’t like dog’s and I think 
that they should change their mind. The best breed of dogs is a greyhound because Greyhounds are a member of the Sighthound  family. Other dog breeds belonging to this group include their larger cousins, the Borzoi, Afghan hound, Irish Wolfhound and Deerhound, and smaller relations, the Saluki and Whippet. A greyhound cross is known as a Lurcher.

In conclusion I would like you to lesino to this dogs and that dog’s only attack people when they are trained to and their is something I would like you to think about do you like dog’s ?.


My Reflection
I am learning to do an speech that will covine the reader an that they will liest to what I am saying. I found this work easy because I used the enternet and sherch it up.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Term 2 Week 7

On Monday last week we started our weekly tast and those tast we get to chose what we get to do. The funest part was that when we chose what to do I chose to do Mathletics. Me and Aaron surpizzeingly chose the agsact same things to do and thlis thing weve started to do is so cool. The thing I really liked about this was that we got to chose the activetse becuase we are the only class to do this. We do this becuase then the teacher does not want us to sit on the mat and thisen to what we need to do.

The cool thing about doing this is that we get to do what ever we want to do on the list. I like this challange were doing becuase it is so fun if you were here rigth know you would like this. We get to do Mathletics,SSR,reading flutly,repeted addtion and our blog recont and if you do not know what a blog recont is I will tell you what it is, a recont is a thing you wrigth about that as all ready happend. The reisn we are doing this is becuse then the teacher does not what to sit and tallk about things we all ready know.

the thing I found hard is finshing the actives in time the easy thing about this was doing the brain exsursizie I like the doing the blog recont.

Friday, 29 May 2015


On Tuseday me Braxton,Katie,Norah and Tanzze we went to digikds.  Digkids is were we get to go to the totouch room do some extra digtel learning.we allso go there to learn how to carry a laptop.

 We did our tacts and allso we did a kahot is a quizz website that when you get somthing rigth you points. we did it about digkids.Then we did some did a kahoot by our self and we did a fration one and I was the person who chouse to do that. After that we did some actives and the actvety I di was the one that nobody could do and I was so exsourted and I siad I could not do That again and me and braxton siad hey.

When we got back to class I had to go and clean up and I siad I can't becuase my fingers are sour.I had to and we would like to do the laptops and I did the laptops and I put them in the cabord and that was easier than digkids.

Overalll, I was exsouerted and when I got back I would like to do somthing easy than what it was on Tuesday.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Makeing Conection

My Refection
I found this Makeing conetion active hard becuase I could not cenenct with the book.
it waxs easy to ccenect with text to self

Monday, 18 May 2015

Addition and Subtraction strategies

My Reflection
I am learning to use Rouning and compesatitng and desimels to round tens and all the tidy numbers. We are looking how to do minnes to.

Term 2 Week 5

My Reflection
At school we played Rugby game on thursday and we lost 63 0 and the coch in the other team he siad we did very well for a team that no trinings and mrs howid siad if we wib we get have fish and chips but we lost so we dident get fish and chips. we wonted to get Macismrs howed siad we can,t becuase that is to exsentive 

Monday, 11 May 2015

idetify charater

My Reflection
I was learning to identify charater thsre trxats. I had to look for his sacil clife an dit was easy to finnd it because -it tolled me right from the srat. tThe hardest traits to fid were there physicat becuase it dident show in the book. The easiest traits were the soicl becuase it really came out at the front of the book.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Term 2 Week 3

This week I did a rugby tornoment and I played 6 games out of 7 and most of the games I played half-back or winger and I scored 7 try's and I got to be captoin of the game I scored 2 try's and we won 3 games out of 7 we were having so much funon tjhe way to school and I was in the fronet of the van.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Interpreting Diagrams - Charlotte's Web

My Reflection
I was learning to look at the picture and read the captions and find out if is true of false. My next step is to us caption and under stand what I am reading.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Term 1 Week 8

I like to do Ripper Rugby and I am in the Blue team and it is the good team and we are so good.  The other team is the white team and they are a good team just like us. We are going to the tournament
and we are going to win the tournament.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Term 1 Week 7

At Digkids I did coding and it was so cool we did angery birds plants vs zombies and ice age. We satrted at level 1 I did that one easyle and the next until I got to level 13 and that was hard so I did and I did until Igot it I was so happy that I toll my firends that I did it and then Igot up to level 17 and then I colud not do it but just then digkids was over so I singhed out and went back to class and I was thinking that I'm going to don this at home .

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Place Value

I was learning to read numbers up to 536 and to say which is bigger or smaller.

The thing that helped me most was: using my basic facts to help with bigger numbers

My next step is to: try the same activity suing bigger numbers

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Term 1 Week 6

At Digkids I lernt how to change my backgroud on my blog and on my mail that was fun. last week I lenrt how to screan cast and screan shot 

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Term 1 Week 4

Yesterday I went to Te Tuhi .  First I went to the art room and on the way to the art room I saw lots of pictrues and my favoraite pictrue was the transformers one.  

Thursday, 5 February 2015

My 2015 Welcome Post

Welcome  to my year 5 learning blog. This year I am in Room 28/29
and my Teachers are Mrs Graham and Mrs Melville.
I enjoy maths. This year I am looking forward to AthleticsI hope you will
enjoy My blog and leave lots of feedback.