Thursday, 30 July 2015

Term 3 Week 2

On Thursday I played rugby for school and we vs mission highs and we won because we had better players then them. First we got 61 points and they got 19 points they had some fast players but we had better tacklers then them.

next I think we could have done better but we just got tired. I got to be kicker and I got to be kicker then I got all the kicks except 1.

I was halfback and I think that I could have done better than the other games I have played. After that Mission highs got a nock on and it was our scrum. Finally Thomas got the ball out of the scrum and Thomas passed the ball to Hemi then he passed it to Braden and Braden dived and scored the trie. That was my favourite thing in the game.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Tree Planting

two mintiues ago our class went behind the feild and there was a laddie and her name was anna and she help us plant the tree's lost of peapole help like Paul and  we planted Toitoi,Flax and a Cabge Tree.

We found in the ground clay and rocks we put fertiliser pelet and we had to dig a hole in a sqaure and we need to make the hole big so that the plant does not die. We pat dwon around the plant

My Reflection
I think I did well atdiging becuase I like going outside and geting dirtty and have so much fun so thats way I was good at diging and I allso like building.